We care about the environment and are deeply concerned about the needless waste and discarded plastic found in our rivers, lakes and seas. So, we’re committed to doing what we can to help protect the natural world and minimise our impact on it.

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The Selkie swim collection sits at the heart of our brand, so we’ve been meticulous in our choice of fabrics. We've made sure that they fit the needs of open water swimmers while having the smallest possible environmental impact. And we’ve chosen to work with like-minded partners to manufacture sustainable, functional products of the highest quality.

Our swim collection is made from a sustainable techno fabric containing ‘Econyl’ - a 100% regenerated polyamide fibre produced from ocean waste.

To minimise our footprint, the majority of the Selkie range is produced in an EU-based factory to our customers’ needs, therefore avoiding excessive stockpiling.


All Tees in the Selkie collection have been manufactured from organic cotton. The methods and materials used to produce organic cotton affect the ecosystem, the farmers, their workers and consumers less because:

  • They use significantly less water during the production process
  • They use crops that have not been treated with pesticides, insecticides or harmful toxins

Selkie organic cotton is GOTS accredited. GOTS is the world's leading textile processing standard for organic fibre. It defines global requirements to ensure the organic status of textiles - from harvesting the raw materials to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.

Selkie Tees are made in Portugal, to keep production as close to home as possible and our carbon footprint small. We are committed to expanding the use of organic cotton across our entire cotton clothing range.


We work hard to avoid using excessive packaging and the packaging we do use is 100% recyclable. All Selkie orders are sent out in recycled cardboard boxes that can be reused or recycled, and our swing tickets are made from recycled board.

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