Our Story

It began in the summer of 2004, when friends and devoted open water swimmers, Jeremy Laming and Tom Kean, swam the Henley Royal Regatta course at four o’clock in the morning.  Crazily early perhaps, but it was the best time for our founders to swim safely in that part of the River Thames, otherwise full of rowing boats! On that very first morning, a soon-to-become legendary swimming event - The Henley Classic - was born.
Back then, swimming in the open water seemed radical and daring; it certainly wasn’t an accessible, mainstream sport.  Jeremy and Tom found themselves frustrated by the lack of specialist kit on offer from swimming and triathlon brands that didn’t truly understand the needs of the open water swimmer. This inspired them to create a brand with a sharp focus on the requirements of open water swimmers – and so Selkie was formed.
But Selkie is not simply a sports or swim brand. It has developed to become a community of adventurous people who eagerly embrace the elements and thrive in the freedom of an untamed environment. Put simply, ‘Team Selkie’ members share a love of outdoor activity, the natural world and our planet.
We are proud of our distinctive range of sustainable clothing, swimwear, and accessories. Appealing, comfortable and highly functional, it reflects our purpose: inspiring people to embrace outdoor activity of all kinds, regardless of their ability. We love to help people discover the incredible physical and mental health benefits of outdoor activity and are truly inspired by those who challenge their physical and personal boundaries.
Our story - group around bonfire