The Team @ Selkie HQ

Tottie Owen-Smith (Totts) - Operations Director 

Tottie looks after the day-to-day running of Selkie. She is responsible for sales and marketing, brand relationships and partnerships, and seeing Selkie garments through from the design stage to procurement.

Tottie’s biggest inspiration is all the people she comes across through the business who embark on incredible personal challenges for all sorts of reasons. She is also proud of Selkie's team of passionate people who share the brand's goal of promoting a healthy, outdoor lifestyle and keeping Selkie’s footprint as small as possible.

Selkie's Field Jacket is Tottie's favourite product: “It's the perfect light weight jacket for dog walking and it's waterproof. But I've also dressed it up with a maxi skirt and trainers for a day out shopping - it looks cool, and I always receive nice comments when wearing it!”

Selkie aside, Tottie's favourite things include a large cold glass of rosé, being near the sea with her dog and children, and listening to live music.


Jeremy Laming (Jez) – Selkie Co-founder

Jeremy spends a lot of time dreaming up ideas for swim adventures, taking part in adventures, and coming up with concepts for kit that would help people to survive those adventures! He is driven by the desire to get people excited by outdoor activity and by Selkie products.

Jeremy likes the fact that Selkie is completely authentic and very much a 'doing brand': “We believe in adventure, quality, style, and social responsibility.” His go-to Selkie product is the Sherpa Hoodie: “I love cold weather so take every opportunity to go out in it wearing my cosy Sherpa.”

Most of Jeremy's free time is spent, swimming, adventuring, and swim-adventuring, so it's safe to say that he's a bone fide outdoor adventurer! His three favourite things are exercising in the wilderness, authenticity, and thoughtfulness.


Tom Kean – Selkie Co-founder

Tom is continually looking for ways to differentiate Selkie from other brands, while always making sure that it isn’t at the expense of the environment. As a true ‘people-person’, he loves to bring together individuals who he thinks might get along well and help each other out.

Tom feels proud that Selkie is a brand with genuine provenance and a story that is real. Like his co-founder, Jeremy, his favourite product from the Selkie collection is the Sherpa Hoodie: “It's practically perfect in every way!”

 When he's not working, Tom (or 'Tommy' to his immediate family!) loves to swim: “Anytime and anywhere, within reason.” Besides swimming, his favourite things are family, dogs and holidays.


Katia Vastiau - Team Selkie member and outdoors enthusiast 

Katia helps Selkie with photography and social media while also keeping her eye on what's going on in the world of outdoor swimming, adventuring, and sustainability. The aspect of working with Selkie that Katia enjoys most is: “Getting to meet like-minded people and helping some of them to take the plunge into outdoor adventure.” She loves that Selkie had roots in open water swimming long before it became a popular sport. And that it strives to be caring and sustainable, even as a small brand.

Katia is a big fan of the Selkie Sherpa Hoodie because she can do pretty much anything while she's wearing it: “It is stylish yet immensely practical and soooooo soft!”

Travel is one of Katia's great loves. She aims to see as much of the world as possible while meeting amazing people and tasting delicious foods along the way. Her other favourite things are cats, the sea, and her camera.


Sarah Riley – Accountant

Sarah is responsible for recording and reporting Selkie's income, expenditure, forecasting, and budgeting. She manages the cashflow and processes payroll and payments. She particularly enjoys the variety in her role and the office banter: “Selkie HQ is a lovely place to work and no two days are the same.”

Sarah loves the high quality of Selkie's products and shares the brand's enthusiasm for getting people outside and enjoying nature. Her favourite product is the Sherpa hoodie: “I'm always cold, so this is a permanent feature of my wardrobe in all seasons.”

A lover of sports, Sarah is always keen to try something new. If she isn't walking or biking over the Cotswold hills, she's likely to be at Taekwondo training - #NinjaInTheMaking! 


Priscilla Puga - Selkie Warehouse Manager 

Priscilla has responsibility for all Selkie's warehouse requirements, including overseeing order dispatch to make sure Selkie's customers receive their products on time. She enjoys the fact that every day is different and thinks Selkie has the best customers: “Open water swimming is such a welcoming community.”

Sherpa Hoodies are Priscilla's firm favourite, and she particularly loves their cosy fleece pockets!

In her free time, Priscilla most enjoys walking and relaxing at home, often in in front of a good horror movie. She also has an interest in skincare and likes to learn as much about it as she can.


Adam Wilkins ('Wilko') – Selkie Warehouse

Adam lovingly picks and packs products in the warehouse to fulfil Selkie customers' orders, making sure they're dispatched on time and keeping everything running like clockwork. 

He loves working with his Selkie teammates and thinks the authenticity of the brand and the people behind it are what make it special. Adam is a big fan of Selkie Organic T-shirts: “They're a great fit and exceptionally soft.”

Away from Selkie, Adam's passion is football – both playing and spectating. He also enjoys spending time in the pub with his friends. His three favourite things are football, gaming, and his mates.

 Kate Habberley (Habbers) - Brand Communications

Kate’s role is to help increase awareness of the Selkie brand and ensure that its message is delivered consistently and with impact. She loves bringing stories to life: “Selkie such an authentic brand, with a compelling story and inspiring people, so it’s a gift to write about.”

The Puffer Jacket is Kate’s Selkie product of choice: “As someone who often tries to sneak the heating on in June, I really appreciate its warmth and cosiness, and it looks great!”

In her spare time, Kate loves walking in the countryside and going to live performances of all kinds - sport, dancing, theatre, music, and comedy. Her other favourite things are Italy, black labs, and Cotswold gin.