Selkie partners are remarkable and inspiring human beings who share our values. Constantly challenging their own boundaries, they have a deep love for open water swimming and the natural world. While they’re busy pursuing their personal adventures, we are delighted to tag along for an occasional swim!


Keri-anne Payne is a British swimmer who specialises in marathon open water swimming and long-distance freestyle swimming in the pool. Highly accomplished, Keri-anne is a two-time 10-kilometre open water world champion and an Olympic silver medallist. She now works as a tutor and swimming coach.

Although day-to-day life is dictated by her ‘little human’ these days, an ideal working day for Keri-anne ideally starts with taking a coaching session, followed by a swim for herself, then heading back to the office to catch up or plan some new work. 

Keri-anne is a big fan of British brands, like Selkie, which have sustainability at their core. ‘The Selkie kit is really comfortable too’. Her favourite Selkie product is the sports bikini: ‘It is brilliant and very comfortable, as is the navy crew neck sweatshirt which I haven’t really taken off since I got it!’

When time allows, Keri-anne loves to explore the open water world and appreciate how beautiful the water is. That aside, her three favourite things are her daughter, Josephine (along with husband, David), her mobile phone (‘it keeps me connected with the world’) and pancakes!


As huge admirers of The Wild Swimming Brothers, we were thrilled by the opportunity to team up with them.

Brothers Robbie, Calum and Jack Hudson were born in Cumbria and grew up in the Lake District, where they spent much of their childhood exploring the area’s breath-taking scenery, lakes and waterways at their will.  Once they reached adulthood, all three moved away from the rugged beauty of the Lakes to work in large cities. But it wasn’t long before the brothers needed to reconnect with the natural world and, feeling the pull of adventure, they set about planning some wild swimming exploits together.

Initially, the trio enjoyed occasional open water swims, but later they embarked on a courageous plan to swim down the River Eden near their childhood home, covering 90 miles in nine days - a successful world-first attempt. This was followed by many more incredible expeditions, including ‘Into the Maelstrom’ - another fruitful world first swim - across the two biggest and most powerful whirlpools in the world.  No wonder The Wild Brothers have raised awareness of wild swimming and built up a strong following in the process!

Meet one of the brothers -

Calum Hudson - “The Middle Brother”

 Co-founder of the aquatic adventurers ‘The Wild Swimming Brothers’, Calum is based in Singapore where he is head of business development (Southeast Asia) for events platform, Eventbrite.

As an ardent swimmer, Calum considers himself lucky to have a 40m pool at his Singapore apartment, which means he can start each day with a swim. He follows this with a Kopi C – a local black coffee with condensed milk - on the balcony with his dog, Hugo. He then enjoys a 10km cycle ride to work in the Central Business District, always keeping an eye out for the resident otter family on the way. In the evening Calum likes to wind down with “Ban Mian” - local Chinese noodle soup - at a Hawker Centre, followed by an evening read and some swimming expedition planning.

Having a passion for animal watching, Calum says that living in Singapore places him at the centre of some incredible wildlife experiences. Seeing wild Orangutans in Sumatra, the Komodo Dragons of Flores and the big-nosed Proboscis Monkeys of Borneo has been unforgettable. He also plays for a Singaporean football team as goalkeeper every week and is a huge comic book collector: “I have the biggest collection of Aquaman comics in the UK… insert geek joke.”

Calum’s three favourite things are swimming outdoors, seeing wild animals in their natural habitat and saving a penalty!

 On Selkie…

Calum says: “I most admire Selkie’s commitment to sustainability and the eco-friendly message that pervades everything they do, right down to the plastic-free packaging and sourcing of materials. This is extremely important to us and we're very happy to partner with a brand that shares the same values as us.”

“My favourite Selkie product is the Bamboo Mug. It’s so perfectly designed, looks beautiful and is sustainable - it certainly helped me get through my Ice Km training last year!”



We are also proud to collaborate with some exceptional brands both in and out of the water.