I laugh so much when I say, ‘My Journey to Swim the Scilly Isles.’ It always sounds so serious and no fun at all, when actually Open Water Swimming is the thing I have had the most fun with ever.

Why do I love it so much? Well, basically everything, whether it's being quiet and peaceful in a body of water (which is hard for me as I do talk a lot), or training distances in all those lakes and seas, or the gang of people I swim with, or meeting new people, or doing things like writing this – so, as I say, everything.

So the Scilly Isles 360 - Why?

 The sea. My favourite swims are always the sea. I love the challenging waves and the single-mindedness you need to prepare for a sea endurance swim. To be honest, I’ve not swum this far in the sea before and I thought if I’m going to go for distance then absolutely it has to be the stunning Scilly Isles.  I am excited but a little bit scared too!

Swim around St Marys Isle approx. 15k


My husband Sean will be walking the island while I swim and carrying my nutrition. Although when he did this with the Henley Marathon, he missed me completely and only saw me at the end, with a quick well done, followed by ‘what took you so long’!

I am swimming for the Charity - Marine Conservation Society

https://www.mcsuk.org They are fighting hard to stop the tide of plastic in our oceans and Seas and after sadly swimming through the plastic at a Colwyn Bay event last year, this had to be the chosen charity. They are working tirelessly to fight this.

So onto training.

I will be ‘adventure’ training ‘til September. I say adventure for a reason. Training with my friend Natasha, sister Dawn and her husband Ozzie is always an adventure. Something always happens – wetsuits stuck on, melted cake in bags, flashing bums and boobs while changing on banks, Vaseline all over the place and still laughing loads when we wee in our wetsuits – so childish. Ozzie is swimming the channel in July this year so at least there is a serious swimmer amongst us to focus me.

At the moment I am in a dreaded chlorinated indoor pool in Banbury doing lane swimming. I am doing swim drills and the odd 3k straight off. To build fitness I also Spin most days and chuck in a bit of hillwalking. I am training in the pool at least 3 times a week.

I have been cold water swimming this winter too, in skins, in various lakes including Scotland. OMG the pain of getting in but the feeling after – there is nothing like it (once the shivers have gone!) Try holding that cup of tea or even getting a sock on with those shivers lol.

 At the end of March, I am heading to an endurance swim camp in Menorca with sis and Ozzie and the King swimmers 


Kevin Murphy is our coach and has swum the channel more than any other man in history, 34 times, so I think we are in good hands. 

I think I may be the slowest swimmer in this camp but think Tortoise and hare !!

The sea swims will be about 14 – 15 deg so great training.

Once we return the training will nearly always be in lakes, cant wait. Mostly swim at Queenford Lakes in Oxford as the nearest to Banbury, and a great café.

4.30 am starts to get to the lake are not something I relish, but some of the sunrises are too die for.

Bye for now and more updates soon – happy adventures all.

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